Client Testimonials

“I began Pilates 5 months after the birth of my first baby as I wanted to start some form of exercise but didn’t feel quite ready to hit the gym. I’m now totally hooked and wish I’d discovered Pilates years ago! Becky’s classes have certainly improved my core strength and posture, and I’m delighted that everything is now starting to feel a little tighter and more toned. The weekly class is also a great way to relax, unwind and have a little ‘me time’! I thoroughly recommend Becky’s classes, they are relaxed, informal, and by giving individual attention within the group everyone can progress at their own level without any pressure.”
Emily – Mixed Level Class – Knaphill 

“I would highly recommend attending Becky’s Pilates classes. I have attended for 11 months and have really noticed a difference in my strength and body shape. I now no longer experience pains in my hips and knees that I used to have and my asthma is much improved. Becky is extremely good at explaining the exercises and giving different options to cover all levels. Becky varies the exercises and includes balls, bands and rollers so the class is kept fresh and challenging. It is an extremely enjoyable, friendly class that really makes a difference to your well-being.”
Maria – Mixed Level Class – Brookwood

“I have tried a couple of Pilates classes in the past, but have struggled to find a class in the right location where I feel I’m being taught at the right level and without the worry of aggravating an on-going back problem. I have now found that class. Becky gives very clear instructions, and makes sure you are all working at the right level for your ability in a friendly and enthusiastic environment. The classes are fun, varied and very well organised, and best of all; my back hasn’t felt so good in a long time!”
Bev – Mixed Level Class – Knaphill

“I suffered with neck and shoulder problems for a long time and so decided to find a local Pilates class. Becky has been brilliant, she is very knowledgeable, but also very amiable which makes her classes fun, relaxed and informative. My neck and shoulder problems have completely gone and I feel much fitter. I especially enjoy having an hour to myself when I don’t need to worry about anything! When I found out I was pregnant I was worried I would need to find another class, but luckily Becky is fully qualified to teach antenatal classes. I have been able to carry on throughout my pregnancy in the usual class and Becky has shown me any alternative exercises I need to do because of my pregnancy. I have felt very safe in her care and know that the exercises I have learnt through Becky and Pilates have helped with many of the pregnancy symptoms, especially any backache.”
Rebecca – Prenatal Pregnancy Class – Knaphill

“I joined Becky’s Pilates class on a Thursday night in Brookwood about a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the classes with her cheerful and informative style of teaching. She offers different levels for many of the exercises so it’s possible to progress well, but in your own time. Since joining the class I am now pregnant and luckily Becky is qualified to teach pre natal Pilates which has been great as I am continuing with my class but at a more gentler pace, with modified exercises to take into account my growing bump!”
Hannah – Prenatal Pregnancy Class – Knaphill

“Having been ORDERED to do Pilates by my Chiropractor to help my very bad back, I KNEW I would hate it!! I had no idea what to expect or what kind of exercises they were, but to my great surprise I quickly found that I could do what was asked of me and now look forward to my weekly classes. Becky Tovey is very sympathetic and keeps a close eye on everyone to check that we are doing it right. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow and she offers a range of progressions so that beginners or more experienced Pilates students can work at the right level. Highly recommended!!”
Jenny – Mixed Level Class – Knaphill

” I started Pilates with Becky in September 2011 following an injury where I fractured my spine in two places. The physiotherapist and consultant recommended that I begin a Pilates class as I will be suffering with back pain for many years to come. I have found Becky’s classes absolutely brilliant! Becky’s extremely skilled and personal teaching has meant that I have been able to strengthen my spine and keep the pain at bay. I have attended weekly and have found that her classes have helped me to tone and strengthen muscles and, as a result, I feel much healthier and stronger. Every week Becky will offer different exercises and it is obvious how much you progress over the weeks and months. I have attended Pilates and yoga classes before my accident but I have found Becky to be the best instructor. In every exercise she walks around the room checking each person individually offering modifications or correcting you.”
Taryn – Mixed Level Class – Brookwood

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